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Diemax Facilites

We have recently moved to our new custom built factory in Dundee's Kingsway Park which gives easy access from Dundee's Kingsway; Dundee's main motorway link to all major cities across Scotland.

Recently built to accommodate our design facilities and machinery, the factory and office areas are an integral part of the services we provide. We welcome any clients to visit our new facilities for a guided tour at your leisure.

Our factory houses our 12 main CNC machines which have been positioned for ease of operation, to increase workflow and improve overall safety in the factory. We also have a workshop built in to our factory to support Diemax Motorsport; this area is used for designing and building custom drift and racing cars and testing bespoke engine parts which we design and manufacture in-house.

Mastercam CAD/CAM

All of our CNC machines are linked to the Mastercam CAD/CAM software. As the only CNC company in Dundee who offer these facilities, Diemax can outperform our competitors for speed and turnaround for any CNC manufacturing.

Mastercam CAD/CAM is the leading industry software for programming the CNC machines used at Diemax. The software drastically speeds up the programming times conventionally needed to take your projects to the CNC machine which also reduces the cost of having your parts manufactured. For more information about this please feel free to contact us at any time during office hours.

Bespoke Single Units and Batch Processing

As we have the facilities to quickly program and manufacture any parts you need such as single units or as unlimited batch orders, we are the leading company in the area to provide all of your CNC needs.

Our range of machines allow us to quickly produce single units giving you bespoke parts for replacing damaged or old parts, or for testing before moving to full production of large amounts of parts as a batch order. We can produce single units or unlimited amounts to suit your exact requirements; on time and on budget.

We can take almost any 3D CAD files you have and work with them to produce the parts you need.

For more information please do not hesitate to contact us today on 01382 624867 or